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10 Commandments of Antiques

24 October 2016

10_commandmentstransparentI. Just because it’s old does not make it valuable.Example: Roman bronze coins are up to 2000 years old but are very common.

II. Just because it’s new does not make it worthless. Example: the Beatles “Butcher Cover” of their “Yesterday and Today” album issued in 1966 can be worth $8000 and up.

III. If something was made to be collectible, RUNReason: In 100 years, 99.9% of these are going to be in someone’s closet still MIB (Mint in Box).

IV. Sentimental value does not add any monetary value to an item. Example: Grandma’s favorite what-not is only a what-not to others.

V. Family stories connected with an item are almost always wrong. Example: A family antique is said to be over 100 years old but marked “Occupied Japan” placing it between 1945 and 1952.

VI. Buy what you like, you may have to live with it.

VII. Don’t worry about the upholstery if you plan to resale the item, no one will like your choice. Example: All high end items sold at auction are usually missing all upholstery.

VIII. Assume it is fake until you prove otherwise. Reason: When anything becomes collectible and expensive, fakes will abound.

IX. Wear and tear is acceptable on furniture but not on glass or porcelain. Example: Some missing veneer or wear on a table is expected but a chip or crack destroys the value of a fragile item.

X. Everything does not come back in style. Example: The day of chastity belts, buggy whips and chamber pots has gone forever.

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